UMass will also implement the agreement during the fall semester. Some members of the community have criticized this approach as too lenient. In a letter shared with the Gazette, Amherst residents Robin Jaffin and Susan Jahoda called on the university to implement the UMass agreement and dissolve the parties, while stating that current efforts are «either before or after the party – and focus almost exclusively on education.» MassTransfer is a national network of agreements between Massachusetts colleges, Massachusetts State Universities and the University of Massachusetts Campus. Chamberlain UniversityElms College (until contract renewal) Mass College of Pharmacy/HS (until contract renewal) As a member of the university community, I AM ACCORD to take active action to protect the health and safety of every member of our campus and local communities in the midst of this global pandemic. In addition, I recognize my efforts to keep me safe and healthier, as well as those with whom I live. My success (personal, academic and/or professional) depends on staying healthy and accepting common behavioral changes that protect me and others from the university and the local community from disease. I AGREE to invite others to participate with me by returning them from their responsibilities to our wider community. The agreement is divided into three main parts: «Protect Myself,» «Protect Others» and «Protect the University and Local Communities.» The University of Massachusetts Amherst relies on the instructions and direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local, government and federal health and health professionals to decide on our reopening and return to campus plans. A return to campus plans is for each member of the university community who returns to campus to accept a number of behaviours that help them keep themselves safe, their colleagues, faculty and staff, and the community. Thank you for your commitment to protect yourself and the university and local communities. How are we going to make changes/additions to this community life agreement? When are we going to review our agreement? How will our customers respect our Community Living Agreement? How can we prevent our guests from violating our agreement? What will we do if a guest harms our community? Bathroom (note that your floor can share a bathroom with another community) «You`d better do something much more serious, and do it now before it spreads like wildfire,» Long wrote.