The system is developed with standard FHIR APIs and designed so that the PHR can only be displayed by inputting the iPhone, Touch ID or Face ID pass code, as well as by the health organization via a direct and encrypted connection. «We believe that people should have access to their health information in the most private and secure way, and we have worked hand-in-hand with health institutions and organizations to put privacy at the centre of the patient experience.» The «health records» function establishes a direct link between a patient`s medical facilities and iPhone, allowing users to see a central view of their health data, including allergies, conditions, vaccinations, laboratory results, medications, procedures and living conditions in several institutions. Patients can also be informed if their data is updated. «It`s a really exciting tool for our patients. It combines information from their medical records with other health information, such as lifestyle and activity, and gives patients a new perspective on their own health,» says Peggy Duggan, Medical Officer of Brigham and Women`s Faulkner Hospital. «I am optimistic about the opportunities this offers our patients and their suppliers.» Apple and its partners say that the presence of these tools in an everyday consumer device can not only help patients better understand their personal health, but also give them a more active role in managing the care they receive. U.S. iPhone owners are no longer the only ones with access to Apple`s health records. This morning, the tech giant announced that its personal medical record (PHR) is available in the UK and Canada. The Health Records function of the Apple Health app contains a directory of related organizations, including Partner HealthCare and its founding members, Brigham Health and Massachusetts General Hospital.

All patient gateway users can access their data using one of the three partner lists, regardless of where they are supported in the partner system. «We know that involving patients in their own care can make a fundamental difference in their health,» said Adam Landman, Chief Information Officer at Brigham Health. «Supporting this new feature meets our broader goal of expanding and accelerating access to digital tools for our patients.» «Improving our patient services while protecting their privacy and safety is of the utmost importance to us,» said Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery, President of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Health Law at University College London. «This exciting development offers patients a more convenient way to access their medical records. Patients maintain control of their own health information at all times. «The use of data through interoperability is a central tenant of InterSystems` product strategy,» says Don Woodlock, Head of Health Solutions at InterSystems. «Through this integration with Apple`s Health Records on iPhone, we`re giving TrakCare users the skills they need to put health and care information directly into the hands of the patients who care for it, all with privacy at the heart of the experience.» The feature that is part of Apple`s health app allows iPhone users to request and download their electronic health data, as stored by hospitals via a direct and encrypted connection between their iPhones and the system used by the clinic. The integrity app logs in regularly to remove new health records and notify users when new records are available. There are five groups of health care providers who have made the tool directly available to their patients: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in the UK and Women`s College Hospital, St.